Our Services

Design and development of plastic products/parts for mobile phones

Thanks to our experience in mold designing and CNC machining we are able to manufacture high-quality injection-molded plastic parts for smartphones and smartphone back covers.

Development of Engineering tempered glass

We design, develop, and custom manufacture glass for special purposes, built to order based on customer requirements.

Die-cutting and lamination

We laminate touch screen panels with the help of custom-made die cuts designed to cut adhesive based on customer requirements and the size of touch screen panels.

Design and development of jigs and fixtures

We manufacture custom-made Jigs and Fixtures by CNC machining based on the needs and designs of our customers.

Pad / UV Printing

UV printing offers customers the choice to choose from a wide variety of designs without worrying about the end result thanks to the high detail and resilience offered by UV printing, making it an ideal option for printing smartphone back covers.

Specialized Vacuum Metallization

Vacuum metallization is used to apply a layer of metal on surfaces like plastic to provide a premium-looking metallic finish while maintaining the lightweight properties of plastic.

Oleophobic Spray Coating On Components

Oleophobic coating is a popular protective coating used in many consumer electronics and protective glasses to protect frequently touched glass surfaces from oily fingerprint marks, a necessity in the age of glass smartphones.